Strong body. mind.

Hi, I'm Erinn Keala.

author // dog mom // traveler // nutrition + fitness coach

My passion is strength; not only in the gym.

It’s having the strength to get out of bed;
To look in the mirror and accept myself;
To talk openly about my struggles;
and to show up everyday and give my body the fuel and movement it deserves.

The pillars of my strength are fitness, nutrition and attention to mental health. 

What's new?

My debut novel is out now

Through empowering my body, I have empowered my mind.

What else interests you?

WELLNESS coaching

Helping corporate teams find a balance with their nutrition and exercise. This 1-hour virtual seminar goes over the basic nutrition and exercise fundamentals for health and longevity.


A huge part of what makes me who I am is my travels. Take a mental vacation or gather inspiration with this collection of posts from my nine years living and traveling in Europe.

Thanks for stopping by.

It’s important to me to share the things I’m passionate about with others in hopes that I will inspire or impact someone in some way. I appreciate you reading.